Access and Login Support

All classes in DDSB@Home Secondary will have a either a Google Classroom or D2L Classroom to facilitate learning and communication. Students will be invited by their teacher to a class as classes are established. Students should follow the links under the technology tab or below to find their Invitation and classes.

Google ClassroomGoogle Classroom

D2L D2L Classroom

Login Instructions at Home

Use the guided tutorial below to support logging in to Google Classroom and your Virtual Classroom. Begin by selecting the device you are using at home.


What is my student's login?
DDSB students will sign in using the same credentials they do at school (student number followed by and their password). If your student does not know their login information, please contact their teacher for help.
How can my student change their password?

To change the password, you will need to know the current password and visit Click on "Password Reset" in the upper right corner. You will be required to follow the prompts and enter the current/old password in order to change the password. 

We suggest you also register for the password recovery tool in case the password is forgotten in the future. Without registering, you will need to contact the teacher for future password resets. 

More Information on passwords

My student's password is not working or they have forgotten their password

Student passwords can be recovered if parents have registered email addresses at the time of student registration and verification (i.e. if the parent email contact is on file). To do so, go to and click on "Password Reset" in the upper right corner. Choose "Recover Password" on the next screen and follow the prompts.

More Information on passwords

If this does not work, contact your student's teacher and they can submit a password request through an IT Incident Report on behalf of your student. They will communicate with you once the password has been reset (and provide the new password).

What is the recommended browser?
For the most consistent experience, we encourage the use of a Chrome browser, if possible. The Chrome browser is available on Windows, Mac and Chromebook devices. Signing into a Chrome profile also provides access to certain services such as Read and Write, retains student bookmarks and makes accessing various services easier. 
How can I keep my student's info separate from mine on a personal computer?
To avoid “You need permission..." and access errors, families may wish to create a Chrome profile for each student in the household. This will save a student's login information, history, and bookmarks separately from other users of the same computer.  
How can I troubleshoot Google Meet issues? 

Performance of Google Meet can be affected by multiple factors including your home network setup, internet speed and traffic, device being used and more! If you are finding that connections are unreliable or choppy, try some of the following ideas:

  • Limit other internet traffic from your home (i.e. video streaming, gaming, number of connections) when possible
  • Determine where in the house has the best wifi signal and try working from there
  • Close other programs or apps running on your device that aren't required for class
  • Remove unnecessary Chrome extensions from your profile
  • Restart your device regularly
  • Make sure you have the most up to date version of Chrome (or other browser you are using) or the Google Meet app if on a tablet
  • Try turning off your camera and microphone when not needed
 My student is not able to access Read and Write

To access Read and Write, students need to be logged into Chrome with their DDSB credentials as Read and Write is subscribed extension by DDSB. 

If you are experiencing camera or microphone issues with Read and Write, ensure you have "Allowed" microphone and camera access and not "Blocked" access.