About Us

Secondary at Home is located in the Durham District School Board in Ontario and serves students in Grades 9 -12.

Principal's Message

Welcome to DDSB@Home Secondary 2022/2023.   

We are proud to be part of the first DDSB@Home Secondary Campus welcoming over 3,000 students from across Durham Region.  At DDSB@Home Secondary we look forward to providing students with options from all disciplines of the high school curriculum.  Our exceptional team of educators represent schools from across the Durham Region.  DDSB@Home Secondary provides all the resources to address the individual needs of students in support of their health, well-being and academic achievement.  These resources include administration, guidance counsellors, academic resource, student success.  While DDSB@Home may not have four walls and a roof like a typical high school our virtual door is always open to our school community.  Our dynamic team of educators look forward to providing a collaborative, creative and engaging virtual learning experience for the 2022/2023 school year.    

Mission Statement

DDSB@Home is committed to providing a learning environment which is: 

  • Safe and emphasizes health, human rights, equity, engagement and well being  
  • Innovative and relevant to the needs of every learner  
  • Focused on building relationships and developing people  
  • Participatory and which seamlessly connects students with each other and with their teachers and which provides consistent and frequent feedback to parents  
  • Staffed by a well-trained and empathetic team of professionals who provide high quality learning experiences and pathways to academic success in each subject.  

We envision a learning environment where success for students looks and feels like: 

  • Clear expectations for all 
  • Differentiated, relevant tasks with ownership for learning and feedback 
  • Engaging, challenging teaching and learning in support for student achievement 
  • Ongoing home/school communication  
  • A place where differences and abilities are respected, valued and celebrated 
  • Where it is safe for students to express their thoughts, feelings and identities 

That represents DDSB@Home. 

We look forward to creating a dynamic, engaging, supportive virtual High School learning community together.   

Hoi Leung