Welcome to your DDSB Student Email

Welcome to your DDSB student email. Student email is being enabled in a pilot capacity for students in the DDSB@Home Secondary campus. All students enrolled in DDSB@Home Secondary now have access to the Gmail service associated with their student account. 

Student email will allow students to receive notifications from services such as Google Classroom and D2L, receive verification emails when signing up for board-approved services, and communicate with their teachers directly and easily. 

Students are encouraged to get comfortable with accessing their email and using the basic features of Gmail

Best Practices 

Students will need to practice good digital citizenship skills when using their email service. Particularly, we encourage students to review the portion of the Acceptable Use Policy pertaining to all users and email in section 4.1. 

Your email service from DDSB is filtered and monitored and is provided to you for use for school purposes. Not every teacher will use email as their primary means for communication for you, follow the norms and expectations for communication that each teacher sets with you. 

More best practices for effectively using your DDSB student email can be found in the following guide:

DDSB Student Email Best Practices


If you have any issues with your student email, please speak to your teacher about the issue. 


DDSB Student Email Intro Video

Navigating Gmail for Students

Acceptable Use Policy

DDSB Student Email Best Practices