Best Practices for Students Online

Here are some tips for students working in our online environment.
  1. Communicate with your teacher daily via email, the chatroom or by private messenger.

  2. Ask questions. Let your teacher know when you don't understand something.

  3. Stay Organized. Save all the files for the course in the same folder.

  4. Use a calendar to schedule reminders for assignment due dates.

  5. Complete your assignments on time, doing your best work.

  6. Do your own work. Plagiarism is not acceptable and could make you fail the course.

  7. Make a copy of your answers for EVERYTHING you turn in except for online tests and quizzes.

  8. Mute your microphone when you are not talking

  9. Do not attempt to distract others with visual objects.

  10. Handle unexpected distractions quickly, mute your video during the distraction.

  11. Ask for clarification if you miss something.

  12. Pay attention to the speaker.

  13. Being physically and mentally present makes a difference.

  14. Engage positively and respectfully with others in your class.

  15. Designate a distraction-free study space, limit background noises

  16. Be mindful of your background setting.  

  17. Be your best self. (out of bed, dressed appropriately and ready for learning)